About Us

CLOISALL Middle East was established since 1967. As A member of Cloisall Group of Companies, It represents some of the most prestigious decorative products such as Ceilings (Alpha) Geotextile (Typar of Dupont) Construction specialties (C/S Group –USA), solid surface unique products such as Hanex from Hanwha Corporation and Corian from DuPont, and the elegant Quartz product Hanstone from Hanwha by establishing a high-tech factory to provide the most precise fabrication to our clients.
Working on an exclusive basis, we maintain enough stocks to cater to the requirements of even the largest of clients. As exclusive distributors, fabricators and installers it has resource to full technical back-up, from its manufacturers; and with local production and fabrication facility, in Lebanon for ceiling and solid surface products, shipment delays, costs and on-site technical difficulties are minimized.
With well-staffed and fully representative offices in various parts of the Region, clients are always assured of prompt, responsible and competitive attention in all fields of the Company’s representation.
Experienced Sales Staff are ever on the move, through the company’s operating area maintaining contacts with clients and providing advice, technical assistance and guidance on the product lines ordered.